Monday, 6 October 2014

The battle over radical Islam

Currently going viral now is the debate over whether Islam is a radical religion, below is a youtube video that is trending and the table seems to be very heated over this issue. It is amazing how no one seems to really understand that to implement any type of killing or punishment in Islam, a proper Islamic state must exist to execute such authoritative action. In the lack of such a system, all this yelling is surely in vain. See for yourself:

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Nasheed - The "Voice Only" Islamic Music

“Nasheed” or “Anasheed” (plural) in its originality means poetry, but quickly became inclined towards a specific type of poetry where the poem is “sung with tune” Hence maturing into “Islamic Songs”.


Nasheeds have always been around since the early Islamic days, poetry was the pride of the arabs in Mecca as they were the experts of poetry. Little children were expected to be able to make complete stanzas on the spot in praise or criticism of anyone or anything, however at that time poetry was recited/sung through mere voice only.

With the spreading of Islam, the arab culture of poetry also spread as many poems were in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him). A famous example of this that still lives on today in many variations is the ‘Qasida Burda’ (ṣīda_al-Burda).

Because Islam spread to different countries where people spoke different languages (for example English), many muslims have decided to continue on the tradition of praising Allah and the prophet in their own languages, therefore Islamic “music” started and nasheeds are now available in every possible language!

One very important thing to note is that Islamic “Music” is not actually Islamic and the use of musical instruments along with the voice is something recent. The majority of the early Islamic scholars have unanimously agreed that the use of musical instruments is "haraam" (forbidden) whilst having controversial opinions on the “duff” (Open end drum) however some of the later scholars are now voicing their own opinion regarding musical instruments. (

Anasheed and western music:

One of the early Western Nasheed Artists if not the first  was Yusuf Islam (formerly known as pop star “Cat Stevens”) was amongst the first to release a “nasheed” album with his hit single: Tala' Al-Badru 'Alayna (  

Other early nasheed artists were Zain Bhikha and Canadian artist Dawud Wharnsby Ali. Since then, many others have started their career as nasheed artists, however in 2003 it all changed when Sami Yusuf released his first album "Al-Mu`allim" (containing musical instruments) becoming an instant hit selling over 9 million albums worldwide! This was possible through a company called Awakening Records ( who follows the opinions of the later scholars in regards to the use of music and their motto is “'faith-inspired' songs and value driven music”.

Through this company, many artists have emerged such as Maher Zain, Raeef, Irfan Makki and others. In contradiction, many other companies have emerged such as Safar Media who promote artists who wish to use only their voice such as the “Labbayk” (group) and Omar Esa (Nasheed Artist). Many artists have now come to realise the need to comply with the opinions of the early scholars and now also release “Voice Only” versions of their nasheeds too!.

Current trending Nasheed Artists:

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Attack in Liege, Belgium by immigrant killer

There are more and more incidents in Europe with a multicultural background.

Belgian gangster of immigrant background

There was an attack today on a Court of Justice in Belgium today. Four people were killed and more than sixty were wounded. The attack took place at 12:30 local time, in the city of Liege, in French speaking Belgium. The gunman threw concussion grenades (flash bangs) and shot around him with an AK-47 assault rifle. The gunman is around thirty years old and his name is Nordine Amrani. He is a immigrant from Morrocco and has been convicted previously for possessing a large number of guns and a mariuana plantation of many hundreds of plants. Nordine Amrani is one of the people who does the work Belgians do not want to do.

Meanwhile in Italy

In Florence a right-wing extremist shot two Senegalese immigrants and then killed himself. The gunman's name is Gianluca Casseri.

And in Germany and Norway

Germany is still reeling from the discovery of a Neo-Nazi death squad ("Döner Mörder") who killed eight immigrant snack bar owners. Norway has its lone anti multi-cultural gun man Anders Breivik, who shot more than sixty kids attending a holiday camp of the Social-Democratic Party.

Reactions in the press

In the Dutch press Nordine Amrani is described as a "Liege man" and a gun nut. Not as someone of immigrant stock. Which is what the press does all over the Westto obscure the immigrant origin of a large part of the crime wave that has been hitting Western nations since the 1970ies. Expect more headlines as immigrant colonies grow in Europe and their members become more assertive. Also there will be more terrorist attacks by right-wing terrorists, both as individuals and in groups. The economic crisis and the resulting high unemploymenst will only fan the fires as "idle hands are the devil's workshop".

Friday, 30 September 2011

Iran sentences convert to Christianity to death

Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian Muslim who converted to Christianity is convicted to the death for this. The convert refused to go back to Islam even to save his life. 
There is a letter from Nadarkhani from last June.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Missile launched against the Amsterdam Court


Last night at three o'clock a missile was fired at the Amsterdam Court. The missile, said to be a mortar bomb, made a hole in an outer wall and damage a number of windows.


The missile was fired by two men. They escaped on a scooter. No organisation claimed responsibility for the attack.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

European governments are preparing for a Greek default

What is bein said in Holland

The German and Dutch governments are preparing for a Greek default. The Dutch Minister of Finance De Jager stated that with regards to the Greek debt crisis his Ministry "considers all scenarios". So that implicitly means the Dutch Ministry of Finance is considering a Greek default, that is an inability to pay back what it has borrowed.

And in Germany

More imporantly the German Minister of Economics and Finance Philipp Rösler has speculated publicly on the risk of Greece defaulting. The German Ministry of Finance is making preparations for the turmoil on the financial markets which will ensue once Greece is unable to make payments to its lenders. At that point Greece will also be unable to pay civil servants' salaries and benefits to pensioners and those on welfare. This is projected to happen by October.

The reason why German and Dutch politicians are speculating on a Greek default is electoral. Their voters are unwiilling to support them if they continue to throw money at the Greeks. Without the money from Germany Greece will default, as their own tax revenue is insufficient to cover their projected spending.

And then

If Greece defaults and is not bailed out, other countries in a debt crisis such as Italy, Ireland and Spain will also not be bailed out. It they are not bailed out by Germany they will not be able to attract loans. Without the loans they will not be able keep up their projected spending. Their budgets will contract very rapidly, their economies will shrink and the investors who lend them their money will have to write off the debts.

The German banks

And these investors are often German and Dutch banks. If the countries in a debt crisis go broke, the German and Dutch banking sector will be in a huge crisis. And the German and Dutch economy will slow down. And then all of Europe will experience a shrinking economy as a result of all the debt that has been taken on.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Greek Debt crisis

Parapundit has financial news. And it is bad. Greek Treasury Bills now charge 88 percent yields in order to attract buyers.

That is incredible. It is like those Great Depression stories grandfather told me.